Solar Roof Installations

Magnetic Development, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Hewalex KS2000 solar panels in North America. These panels have received one of highest ratings for efficiency, solar absorption and power output per sq. m from Swiss Solar Power Research Institute (SPF) in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

We offer the complete systems and installations for solar hot water, solar space heating and solar swimming pool heating units. Design and field supervision is provided by licensed Professional Engineers. The major parts of a typical solar systems are:

  • Collectors: Hewalex KS-2000S and Hewalex KS-2000S/P
  • Solar Microprocessor Controller, Model G-403

Hewalex KS-2000S Solar Collectors installed on the roof

Schematics of the Solar Microprocessor Controller Model G-403

Fig 1. Assembled View:
A:Metal Enclosure, B: Inlet Thermometer, C: Outlet Thermometer, D: Flow Indicator (Rotameter), E: Digital Controller/Programming Unit, F: Pressure Gauge, G: Safety Valve, H: Expansion Vessel Connector, I: Fitting, J: Gasket, K,L: Temperature Sensors, M: Plugs.
Fig. 2. Internal View:
1. Vent Valve, 2. Thermometer Housing, 3. Ball Valve, 4. Glycol Pump, 5. Filling Valve, 6. Ball Valve, 7. Rotameter Adjusting Screw, 8. Ball Valve.

Solar control panel and hot water tank